Luxury Escape in Paris: Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa

Le Narcisse Blanc Luxury Hotel

Toby and I have spent our fair share of time in hotels in the past few years but there has never been a place quite like Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa. Allow me to take you on a journey through one of the best luxury hotels we’ve ever stayed in.

An Exclusive & Luxurious Parisian Escape

Tucked away in a discreet residential area in the very heart of Paris, the hotel feels intimate, exclusive and private. A moment of disbelief overcomes you as you enter the establishment as if you’ve accidentally stumbled into the home of Parisian royalty and there is surely no way you’re supposed to be there. Except you are, and all the delightful amenities are there for you to enjoy.

The warm and friendly staff notice you’ve arrived and offer you attentive care and a warm smile. They take you on a room tour and you happily oblige. Your room exudes a distinct understated Parisian elegance. The delicate atmosphere makes you recognise the inherent difference between a hotel room and a ‘home away from home’. You even start to wonder if this actually is your home, because it very much feels like it. The rooms are chic and romantic, designed with soft and sophisticated tones, classic moulding and modern refinement in the details. You decide to test out the bed and realise that you didn’t check into a hotel, you’ve checked into heaven. You undoubtedly sleep like a queen that night.

Luxury Suite

Aside from the vast assortment of luxurious rooms, there is a cosy lounge perfect for to you recharge over afternoon tea or a few drinks and a restaurant serving up contemporary and creative cuisine made from carefully selected ingredients.  You decide to head to the spa where a massage, manicure, pedicure, and facial are on the menu. You decide to revitalise by jumping in the pool with its warm waters and hydrotherapy massage jets. Followed by a sauna and jacuzzi session for your post-swim rejuvenation. There are private poolside lounges accompanying the pool area, a perfect place for you to relax just that little bit more. So many amenities. So little time. You spend hours just soaking up the sensuous atmosphere.

Le Narcisse Blanc Spa

The next day, you wake up to your breakfast arriving to your room at the exact time you had requested it the night before. You eat yourself into a food coma: smoked salmon, organic eggs in all sorts of ways, fruits, cereals, hams, cheeses, yoghurts, fresh juices, and a big basket of freshly baked pastries and croissants. As you lay back and nurture your food baby, a bittersweet thought runs through your mind: I could totally live here.

If only I could live here.


  1. Great post Sarah! I really like the way you narrated us through the hotel. It’s refreshing to see a different take on the usual hotel review. I found this post while researching luxury hotels in Paris and you’ve helped me make up my mind for my trip in December. Kisses from London xx

    • Thanks Maria 🙂 I didn’t know if this approach to a hotel review would work but glad you enjoyed the post! Have a great trip in December! <3

  2. I love the way you walked us through the hotel. I felt like I was really there! It’s such a stunning place – I know where we’re staying in Paris for my birthday! Thank you for sharing!

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