The Perfect Proposal and Honeymoon Location in Santorini

My trip to Santorini had so many of you guys on Instagram questioning if it was mine and Toby’s honeymoon. Personally, every trip we do is considered a honeymoon to us. We’re kinda just disgustingly cheesy and romantic like that :P.

We had never stayed at a couples hotel before so we were elated to hear that Katikies Boutique Resorts would like to host us at their exclusive romantic cliffside hotel Sun Rocks Santorini.  We had such a lovely and sentimental stay and thought we’d share our favourite features of this special hotel for all you love birds out there!

Dreamy Cliffside Location

As we entered the hotel grounds, a moment of intense wonder came over us. The narrow staircases and whitewashed suites jotting out from the cliffs of the caldera had instantly transformed the hotel into a colossal open-air theatre. We understood we were being guided to the reception desk, but all we wanted to do was take a seat and admire the view. The star of the show? The sleepy but still active volcanos, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni, surrounded by the beautiful Aegean Sea ✨

Popping the Question?

From the moment we checked-in, it was clear we had arrived at a property that takes their sophisticated and in-love clientele very seriously. The hotel has an enormous private terrace with unobstructed views of the ocean. Lined with white floorboards and an ornate wedding gazebo, the terrace creates the perfect stage for an unforgettable engagement proposal or wedding ceremony.

A Luxurious and Intimate Hideaway

The designers of the hotel planned the layout with the intention to create a sense of intimacy. We rarely bumped into other guests and we were under the impression that the view and establishment were all for ourselves. This was obviously not the case, but it truly felt private and exclusive. Each room at the hotel is also equipped with a terrace bearing impeccable panoramic views over the sea and the caldera. It was obvious that we would be enjoying our second round of welcome drinks there.

The staff of Sun Rocks are masters of their profession and truly know how to put discretion and privacy first. We experienced an outstanding willingness to go the extra mile to fulfil special requests and execute them perfectly. This is incredibly important for those planning a proposal or wedding at the venue.

Food and Romance

To me, nothing is more romantic than sharing a meal with the person you love. But when you add a breathtaking view to the experience, that must be what people call cloud nine, and Sun Rocks Santorini knew exactly how to take us there.

During the day the hotel’s restaurant ELEA near the pool is available for lunch and room service. We opted for poolside cocktails and the most beautiful fruit platter we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The restaurant at Sun Rocks Santorini only uses locally sourced ingredients. In fact, they grow some of their produce on their own farm on Santorini! They even produce their own extra virgin olive oil which tastes so divine we had to bring a bottle back with us. Each dish is served with a very important side – the stunning view over the Aegean Sea. I know we’ve mentioned the views several times already, but can you blame me, guys? There is also a special table which you can reserve that faces right towards the sea. Talk about breathtaking restaurant views!

Unwinding at the Pool

The pool deck of the hotel is connected to the cocktail bar and is equipped with plenty of sun loungers that face the sea. From the pool or loungers, have one of the most unbelievable 360º views. The panorama includes the Aegean Sea with its the endlessly beautiful blue ocean views. Your eyes are then lead up to the rocky cliffs of the caldera to the white cliffside Cycladic houses. Stacked on top of one another, they collectively resemble a contemporary piece of artwork in varying shades of whites and creams.



The Goodies

1. Exclusive couples only hotel
2. Bose Speakers and iPod in every room
3. Free car parking for all road trippers out there!
4. Access to the Klepsydra Club for truly exclusive spa experiences
5. Suites with private jacuzzis
6. Nespresso machines and capsules in every room
7. Jaw-dropping dinner views
8. Free wifi across the property
9. Sunset wine-tasting & cocktail experiences available
10. Unforgettable welcome drinks with Caldera Views

Insider Tips

Some very practical advice first – the winds around the coast can be very gusty at times (especially during the off-peak months), so do bring a jacket.

We absolutely loved having high-end speakers in our room and played our own music during our stay. If you and your significant other have a “that’s our song!” song, make sure to bring it for added romance.

*This post is made in collaboration with Katikies Boutique Resorts 💙



  1. Sarah; Between you, Toby, the sea, sky and caldera,,, Not to mention the Bougainvillea everywhere, well I just don’t know other than I really really really want to visit there in the spring and just lay there for at least a week. grandpa!

  2. How did you learn photography? Do you follow any website or special videos for that? Can you please share how you edit your photographs?? what presets and editing theme you follow?
    I am in love with your photography theme..

    • Thank you sweetie! I learned photography as a hobby back in university. I watched a few tutorials on Youtube then it was all practice, trial and error. I’ll share a blog post this year about how I shoot, edit and create my own presets =) Stay tuned!

  3. I usually only skim through hotel reviews for the photos but with yours I can’t help but read every single word. Your writing and the way you point out the special features of the hotels is a nice change from all the other hotel reviews on the internet. I love your photos, they look so compelling and makes me really want to be right where they are taken. This hotel looks absolutely stunning, like everything is made for perfection. I will definitely consider this for my honeymoon in late 2018. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome and thank you for such a lovely comment!! The hotel is truly stunning which made it relatively easy to capture photos like these xx

  4. Oh, Sarah. You know how to make a girl dream! Beautiful hotel and beautiful couple. Thanks for another great post!

  5. Hi Sarah! I really love your hotel reviews! We stayed at La Sommita last month and it was a wonderful experience! I’m heading to Santorini in June for my honeymoon and we’re going to stay at Sun Rocks as you’ve recommended! Thanks again for the advice! Btw, do you or Toby take your blog photos? They’re lovely!

    • Oh that’s so good to hear!! I’m really happy you found my reviews helpful! I take all the photos that appear on this blog except for the ones that I’m in myself hehe. Thank you for the kind words, love!

  6. Amazing hotel!! Will definitely look into this for next summer. The views are craaaaazy!!! What’s the surrounding area like in terms of entertaiment?

    • Fira is has enough to keep you entertained for at least day or two. It’s definitely a lot more quiet than Oia but still full of cafes, bars and restaurants. We spent most of our time in the hotel as you simply can not get bored of the views from there 🙂 If you can’t get enough of views then I highly recommend you visit Sun Rocks!! xx

  7. I honestly wish I could take photography pictures like that! Your partner is really amazing at taking good angles and shots of the views (your the view too) ☺️ And it looks incredibly stunning! Sarah wish we could have a long conversation one day, I could really use some advice at times ☺️

    • I actually take all the photos for the blog haha 🙂 However, if I’m in the photo, it would be Toby behind the camera 😉 Feel free to DM me anytime babe!

  8. Wow! What a beautiful place! And your photos of it are simply stunning! I would love to visit there someday. #TeamSarah 😘

    • Also, reading your new post has inspired me to get my lazy butt onto my laptop, and get to writing the next Chapter of my story. 😉

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